Grant Proposal Guidelines

The following is the information that the Foundation typically requires to fully assess a grant proposal. Feel free to include any other relevant information as an appendix, keeping in mind that the proposal should not exceed 10 pages and that any additional materials should be limited to items that are strictly pertinent to the project.

  • Executive Summary (1 page maximum): Provide a summary of the proposal.
  • Background Information (1-2 pages): If your organization is unknown to the Foundation, provide a brief description of your organization, including the community it serves and the role it plays within this sector.
  • Rationale (1 page maximum): Describe why your organization wants to undertake this particular project or program, how it fits into your organization’s objectives, how it can benefit others, and why your organization is best qualified to carry it out. If the project is collaborative, include a brief description of each partner, each organization’s role in the project, and the reasons for forming the partnership.
  • Description (3-6 pages): Include all information relevant to the grant request. If applicable to the proposal, include a detailed work plan or methodology, anticipated results and an evaluation plan that includes specific measures. If it a research project or a project that depends largely on the knowledge and experience of specific individuals, provide a short biography for the senior people involved.Include a plan for evaluating the impact of the project on the population it is designed to serve and show how the outcomes will support and further the Foundation’s mission statement
  • Budget (1-2 pages): Provide an itemized budget with a short explanation of each item. Typically, the larger the amount requested, the more detail required. If the Foundation is being asked for partial funding of the project, indicate the budget which expenses would be covered by a grant from the Foundation and which would be supported with other sources of funding. Specify all other requested and confirmed sources of funding.
  • Board of Directors and Committees: Provide a list of your organization’s board of directors, with a one-line description of each person, and a list of any relevant committees or advisory groups. Also provide some information about the chief executive officer of your organization.
  • Financial Information: Provide the most recent audited financial statements for your organization, a copy of the operating budget for the current year (including expenditures to date) and a copy of the most recent annual report.