Carolyn Sifton Foundation Mission Statement

In keeping with Carolyn Sifton's concern for the welfare of children, one of the Foundation's granting program focuses on youth. The Foundation will support projects in education, social services, and art and culture designed to assist young people who do not have the same opportunities due to social or economic circumstances, as other youth, to develop to their fullest potential.

The Carolyn Sifton Foundation also has a General Program to support some exceptional projects that do not fall within the goals of the Youth Program and that have been identified by a board member.

General Guidelines for Granting Programs

In the Youth Program, The Carolyn Sifton Foundation welcomes proposals that fall within the mission statement and that meet the guidelines listed below. In the General Program, the projects to be funded will be identified by the board members.

  • In general, the Foundation prefers to fund specific projects, preferably pilot projects or new initiatives; these could include capital items as well as operating costs.
  • The Foundation will accept proposals ONLY from charitable organizations in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Brockville, Ontario.
  • The Foundation will consider multiple-year grants, but generally not exceeding three years.
  • The Foundation favours challenge or matching grants.
  • Projects should have explicitly measurable outcomes that support and further the Foundation's mission statement.
  • The Foundation will not make grants of "Enduring Property" or "Specified Gifts to Qualified Donees" as the Foundation prefers to support "Gifts to Qualified Donees" as defined by Canada Revenue Agency and the Federal Income Tax Act.
  • The Foundation will DECLINE requests to support the following:
    • Grants to individuals.
    • Organizations not recognized as charities by Canada Revenue Agency.
    • Capital acquisitions, unless they are an integral part of a special project that the Foundation is supports.
    • Conferences and travel.
    • Publications, films, videos, and CDs.
    • Deficits in operating budgets.

Application Procedure

  • A full description of the project and the purpose for which funding is sought.
  • A full description of the organizations history, objectives and activities.
  • A budget and timeline for the project.


April 15 for meeting to be held late May / June
September 15 for meeting to be held late October / November